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Cobblers’ wives go barefoot…

Posted on Aug 27, 2012 by in Blog | 0 comments

… And seamstress’ couches go pillowless.

As silly as it sounds, I have been meaning to make new pillows for our couches for the last  two years.  I have purchased new pillow forms and fabric with this specific task in mind on THREE separate occasions, only to make pillows for someone else (gifting the pillow form with the pillow case), use the designated fabric for a quilt, and focus my efforts on other projects instead.

It wasn’t until a friend came over and, with the best of intentions, said, “You make such beautiful pillows for everyone else, why don’t you make yourself some?”  There it was:  I was the shoemaker and my children were running around shoeless.

I knew immediate action had to be taken, and so, six months later, I made myself some pillows.

A close up of the tattered pillows

Covered in holes!

This one has been missing the buttons for about a year

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