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Cobblers’ wives go barefoot…

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Cobblers’ wives go barefoot…

… And seamstress’ couches go pillowless.

As silly as it sounds, I have been meaning to make new pillows for our couches for the last  two years.  I have purchased new pillow forms and fabric with this specific task in mind on THREE separate occasions, only to make pillows for someone else (gifting the pillow form with the pillow case), use the designated fabric for a quilt, and focus my efforts on other projects instead.

It wasn’t until a friend came over and, with the best of intentions, said, “You make such beautiful pillows for everyone else, why don’t you make yourself some?”  There it was:  I was the shoemaker and my children were running around shoeless.

I knew immediate action had to be taken, and so, six months later, I made myself some pillows.

A close up of the tattered pillows

Covered in holes!

This one has been missing the buttons for about a year


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I am often asked where I find the fabric I use for my quilts, pillows and tablecloths.  I love pairing different styles of fabric for my projects, so it is important for me to have plenty of fabric store options at my fingertips!  Luckily for me, there are three absolutely amazing fabric stores in close proximity to my home, all of which keep me supplied with some truly beautiful fabrics.  Here’s a shout out to my three favorite fabric stores:

Fiber Notion

Fiber Notion has been keeping me supplied with fabric for over 2 years now. I pop in frequently to check out the newest prints and am always pleased to find bright, colorful, whimsical prints that are just perfect for baby quilts.

Brooklyn General

Brooklyn General is a gorgeous store with tons of soft, delicate prints. Always stocked with organic fabrics, I love making quilts from the material at this store.

Purl Soho

Purl Soho is the largest of the three stores and offers the most variety in fabric. This is my go-to store for Liberty of London fabrics (the softest fabric in the world). This store offers lots of fabric that is perfect for quilts, but also fabrics that are perfect for pillows, curtains and tablecloths.






I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

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I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

I’m moving up in the world: I now have business cards!  My brand new letterpress business cards were designed and made by the fine folks at Print and Grain and I absolutely love them!  My very special cards were even featured on the blog Design Work Life!
And, as a special treat for customers, I also had a bunch of Lemon Sugar Cookie Recipe cards printed and will be including one with every purchase.







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I’m always sort of caught off guard when I tackle a project (something I’ve never done before) and it turns out amazing. This is exactly what happened when I made my niece a stocking for her first Christmas. Throughout the whole process I kept thinking, “wow, this is actually working!”

Maybe next year I’ll think of sewing stockings in time to sell a few on Etsy!

(Don’t mind the terrible paint job on the fireplace.  We were doing some last minute touch-ups before Christmas!)




Christmas Crackers

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Christmas Crackers

Three years ago the hubs and I spent Christmas in London.  This is when we were first introduced to the Christmas Cracker.

As you can see, we loved it.


This year we hosted Christmas at our place, and when I stumbled across this amazing tutorial, I knew I had to make them.  I think we just started a new family tradition!



Before & After

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Before & After

I always feel as though my “to-do” list is a mile long… which is why when I can finally cross things off the list, it feels pretty amazing! We’ve been doing a lot of much needed updates around the house lately, and I think it’s starting to look good around here!

Our new front door:
Once hidden behind a curtain and blocked off.

Now, a bright orange accent.  Goes nicely with all my colorful fabrics and thread!

Next on the list: recovering my sewing stool!

Black & White and Green All Over

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Black & White and Green All Over

When my Sister-in-Law got married, my beautiful, and talented friend designed their wedding invitations and an adorable logo involving the bride & groom, a bicycle, and their dog!  Shortly after their wedding I had yet to make their wedding present (or, to be honest, come up with an idea for one!) when I stumbled upon Spoonflower – a place to make custom fabric.  Ding!  I had finally come up with an idea:  Wedding Pillows!

At their wedding I managed to sneak off with quite a bit of their wedding fabric, which, paired with the custom fabric I ordered, made this little guy:

Beautiful Waverly Fabric (that I won!)!

(And, my first ever attempt at zippers!)

I wanted to make the wedding set special and personal and thought it would be really cute to use their names on the second pillow.  The pillow reads: I Love Jaci/I Love Jason.


Egg Head

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Egg Head

Sorry this post is weeks late, but I wanted to share the place settings I made for Easter!

I was tipped off about the awesome blue, pink, and brown eggs for sale at the Farmers Market and when I saw them was instantly reminded of the times my sister and I spent as kids blowing eggs and then making ornaments and decorations out of the shells. My husband came up with the idea for the base, and voila: a circusy, egg-tastic table setting!

The centerpieces are cool, brightly colored colanders with wild flowers.

Love the cheerful colors!

Renovation City

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Renovation City

It’s been renovation city around here the past few days (and by renovation I simply mean a coat of paint here, a new curtain there… basically, a much needed face lift for our home).  While my husband has been going all out in the back yard (more on that later), I’ve been focusing more on things like painting, sewing, and re-doing the floors in the kitchen (more on that later as well).

Our bedroom was the one room in the house that I was pretty happy with, except for some ugly lamps and a slightly tattered duvet.  I found this awesome tapestry from Urban Outfitters (we almost chose this one, which I also love) and paired it with a bright green sheet from IKEA to make a new, cheerful duvet for our bed.

In case you’re wondering where the lamps are… I took them outside to spray paint them canary yellow and was bested by wind and rocks.  Sad, but true.

The coolest part of this process: learning how to sew a button hole with my sewing machine!  Seriously, so so fun.

You Reap What You “Sew”

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You Reap What You “Sew”

As a lover of all things beautiful, I subscribe to many design blogs featuring decor, prints, fabric, clothing and all things delightful.  As a full-time teacher and the-rest-of-the-time quilter my Google Reader unread blog counter usually gets well into the 500’s before I have time to read and absorb the beauty I crave.  I am often days, weeks, and sometimes even months (I am so ashamed) behind on my subscriptions.  This puts me at a serious disadvantage when it comes to one of the most delightful things in the world: The Give Away.  On these very special occasions, some lucky soul is gifted with something magnificent featured on the blog.

Last week, on a rare, but enjoyable day, I had the opportunity to peruse my blogs and stumbled across a giveaway on sfgirlbybay giving away, you guessed it, fabric!  Adorable, bright, cheerful, Waverly fabric.  Swoon.  Visions of quilts began dancing in my head and I knew I had to have it.

I commented, I tweeted, I did what I had to do, and I WON!  You’re now looking at the proud owner of some very special, very beautiful, very awesome Waverly Fabric.  I cannot wait to use it!

And, perhaps, have a give away of my own some day…